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Saved My Marriage
June 24, 2017 carsons coupons Blog
You won’t mistake these for audiophile headphones, but they just may have saved my marriage. My wife has bouts of insomnia and will watch TV in the middle of the night. I can’t sleep when Read More
Love this thing!
Love this little thing! We have our dogs sectioned off in the front part of the house so it does wood, tile, slate and carpet flooring even some foam type mats in the laundry room it goes up and over Read More
I recommend
The mouse is very very thin. I have a Surface Pro 2 and use the Snugg Leather Case. It will fit in the small lid the snugg case has to store paper or small things at the back without any problems. At Read More
So far, not so good.
Yesterday, I had a gift card sent to my grandson’s teacher even after having read some of the reviews that expressed concern because they never knew if the card was received or used. I waited 24 Read More